On demand

The right place for good words

Do you have a text to share with someone else? You are in the right place. Even if most of the prints are self-productions, I offer also a print on demand service. This service is focused on Ngo, association, cultural subject and private company as well.

The only request is about contents: they have to be positive and cultural.
For positive I mean:

– they don’t spread hate

– they are not racist, sexist or fascist

Except for these, tell me what you’d like to print and I’ll give you my opinion. This is the cultural side.

I cannot be precise with price, it depends from size, number of copies, kind of paper. It will be not so cheap like a photocopy but also not so expensive like an Aldo Manuzio’s book.

So If you are interested, send me an email and we’ll speak about it:


or use the contact form

Looking forward for your ideas!