Into a wild workshop

In 2016 I received an email from Edward Johansson – owner of Ahvaland Press, Lpworkers and friend as well,  from the Åland Islands.

He asked to join him during the summer and help running a coffeeshop and an exhibition in a part of the house. So I did  (even if I did not so much…) and, during that week, we thought about doing a workshop there, completely in the middle of a wood. Of course, once at home, I forgot it for long. The winter passed and, at the beginning of april, I rethink about and it sounded so good that I called Edward and we plan a one-week artist residence in August! After a short promotion and with the help of some really good friends, one replied: Luise Valentiner, from Scotland. Ok maybe having only one person could be demoralizing but we decided to do it as well.

We only cutted away the difference between instructors and students, becoming all participants. First step: find contents. Fortunately Edward remembered an exercise quite useful to generate non-sense texts.

The outcome was easy, we decided it before choosing a leporello.

So we started. The firs part was the lead one, setting and printing the eight pages – using different typefaces and size, to emphasize some words.

Than a second passage in red and, with a nice and bright blue, the cover – printed with the Heidelberg windmill. The inside part – setted up with some non sense words, was printed in blue as well. Last steps: folding and binding. After four days of printing, amazing meals, good conversations about types, design and what’s going on in the world, our leporello was ready!