The right place

Sometimes it is necessary to make order in your own workplace, even if it is not exactly yours. In the summer a big double cabinet arrived at MakersHub. It was from Tipografia Rossini, a former printshop in Busto Arsizio, near Milan. I don’t know their story but I suppose it was part of the long list of printshops closed in the last decade.

Half of the drawers were empty, the letters inside were brought to Milan some years ago in small boxes, and stayed in a corner waiting for their moment. Time to put them back! 

It was curious to find some script fonts, like Slogan, mixed with serious ones like Garamond or Helvetica. But the most interesting was a good collection of Estro, the western-like type designed by Aldo Novarese.

I like very much its shapes: they are not so straight – like a serious slab serif, and reminds me the idea of cartoon/comics. The collection is quite complete: from 16pt to 48pt with a perfect range of glyphs. Also, in the box we found the specimens, ready to go in the catalogue we are doing. New good types to be printed soon!